Australian Shepherd Grooming: Everything Possible To Know

Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs, but their longer coats mean that proper grooming is essential. Despite the fact that Australian Shepherd owners should try to groom their pups regularly, you don’t need to be intimidated. The process is pretty easy and, all in all, Australian Shepherds are lower maintenance than some other dog breeds out there. Once you get the hang of grooming them the process will be quick and easy.

So what exactly are the best ways to groom your Australian Shepherd? We’ll discuss everything you need to know in the helpful article below.


Do Australian Shepherds Need to Be Groomed?

Did you know that not every dog breed needs regular grooming? This may be true, but it isn’t the case for the Australian Shepherd. Best practice for caring for your Aussie’s coat is to groom them at least once per week. Doing this is a great way to help keep their skin and coats healthy and their bodies comfortable.

As far as shedding goes, Australian Shepherds are considered moderate to heavy shedders. This is because they have double coats. This means you should groom them regularly.

How to Groom an Australian Shepherd

Keeping your Australian Shepherd well groomed is easy with the right brush, the right method, and consistency. As with most things in life, people have differing opinions on the best way to groom an Aussie, but no matter which method you subscribe to, the basics are all the same.


As mentioned above, Aussies have double coats, one of the perks of which is that their fur is water-repellent. For this reason they tend to need bathing less often than other breeds. In fact, bathing your Australian Shepherd too much can lead to dry skin and even hair loss. That being said, make sure you are bathing and brushing your dog more often in heavy shedding periods.


Brushing, on the other hand, should be done fairly frequently. To start, you should brush your Aussie with a slicker brush, making sure to brush in the direction of hair growth. When brushing, begin at the head and work your way to the tail, making sure to brush their bellies in the process. The fur growing in their shoulder and bottom areas tend to be much thicker than other fur, so be sure to give these areas extra attention during brushing.


Trimming your dog’s nails is an important part of dog grooming for any breed. With the right approach the process can go very smoothly. Be sure to use high quality nail trimmers for this, and ask your vet for tips and tricks to ease the experience for you and your Aussie.


Australian Shepherds have perky ears, which means they are less prone to ear infections than other breeds. Despite this, it’s still very important to keep your Aussie’s ears clean to prevent inflammation or even ear mites. When cleaning your Aussie’s ears, use a mild canine ear cleaning solution and some cotton balls to gently swab the area.


Your dog’s teeth are very important and should be cared for on a very regular basis. Ideally you should aim to brush your dog’s teeth once to twice per week to maintain their dental health. Dental chews are another great way to keep your Aussie’s teeth clean.

Check out this detailed video guide for Aussie grooming to learn more about keeping your Australian Shepherd well groomed.


How Often Should You Groom an Australian Shepherd?

In order to keep your Aussie’s coat in tip top shape and help control their shedding, you should aim to brush your Australian Shepherd about once a week. This is a great way to keep their fur silky and mat-free.


How Much Does It Cost to Groom an Australian Shepherd?

If you decide to take your Aussie to a professional groomer, you can expect to pay around $70 for the visit. For most groomers, they price their services by the size and weight of the dog in question. Australian shepherd size is typically classified as medium, so they cost about $60-$80 for a grooming session


Finding a Good Aussie Groomer

There are a lot of ways to find a good groomer for your Australian Shepherd, including the following.

Ask People Around You

Ask the people you know if they have a dog groomer that they know and trust. If they don’t, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who would know a good groomer.

Ask Other Aussie Owners

Asking other Aussie owners for a groomer recommendation is a great approach. If you don’t know any personally you can join online groups for Aussie owners in your area and post a query there.

Ask Local Vets/Clinics

Your vet is another great resource for finding a good groomer for your Australian Shepherd. They frequently work with all sorts of dogs and are sure to have a suggestion.

Visit a Pet Store

Pet stores often have good recommendations for groomers, and some even have groomers inside their stores.

Search Certified Groomers Near You

If all else fails, you can always perform an online search for certified groomers near you. Be sure to read customer reviews for the groomers you consider.


Different Types of Australian Shepherd Coat Lengths & Types

There are a lot of different Aussie coat colors, lengths, and types.


Show Coat vs. Working Coat

Typically there are two different types of Aussies: those bred to be shown and those bred to work. The two types have different personality traits, but they also have some coat differences as well.

Show Australian Shepherds tend to have thicker and fluffier coats than working Aussies. The working dogs are often described as looking less flashy and being less heavy-built.


Short Hair Australian Shepherd

An Aussie short hair looks a lot like normal Aussies, but their fur is a lot shorter and less fluffy. The difference is similar to that between a Lab and a Golden Retriever.


Long Haired Australian Shepherd

Long Haired Aussies are a lot fluffier than their short haired cousins. They have long coats and appear less “flat” than short haired Aussies.


Australian Shepherd Grooming Styles & HaircutsAustralian shepherd grooming picture

You should never shave your Aussie, but you can definitely give them a little trim! Here are the most popular haircuts for Aussies. Be sure to read up on Australian Shepherd coat colors, as some haircuts look best with certain coat colors.


Why Australian Shepherd Should Not Be Trimmed or Cut Too Much

Australian Shepherds have thick double coats that help them regulate their body temperature, protect them from the sun, and keep them clean. These double coats have a delicate balance between the under coat and over coat, and you can upset this balance by trimming or cutting an Aussie’s fur too much.


Minimal Trim (The Normal Aussie Look)

The minimal trim is the normal look for Aussies. This leaves their coats fairly long and just thins out their coat a bit. Before attempting an Aussie haircut yourself, make sure to read all about how to trim an Australian Shepherd.

Teddy Cut

aussie teddy bear cut

The teddy cut is also on the longer side but has a slightly rounder shape for their coat.

Simba Style

aussie simba cut

The simba cut, inspired by the Lion King, leaves the flowing mane nice and long while trimming the hair on the lower body to create a contrast effect.

Rounded Style

aussie rounded cut

This cut is best for Aussies with a single color tone on their bodies and a contrasting color on their neck and belly.


Australian Shepherd Grooming Tips

Here are some of the best tips for grooming your Australian Shepherd.


Do Not Shave an Australian Shepherd

Even if it’s very hot out, you should never shave your Aussie. Not only is it bad for them, but an Australian Shepherd shaved just looks wrong! There are a few main reasons why you should avoid shaving:

Damage to the Coat

Shaving them damages the balance of their double coat, which can cause temperature dysregulation and other issues.

Harmful to Your Dog

Shaving your Aussie can also cause them to develop skin problems and sustain serious sunburns.


Make Sure to Brush

Brushing your Aussie is very important. Because Aussies do shed, regular grooming can keep their fur from getting matted and can help control how much they shed.


Start at the Head and Move Down Their Body

When brushing, work your way from their head to their tail, taking extra care in their shoulder areas and their rump. Some Aussies have docked tails and others don’t, so your grooming technique should take that into account. Here’s some more information about Australian Shepherd tails.


Remember to Keep Their Paws in Good Shape

Keep your Aussie’s paws in great shape by trimming their nails and making sure they don’t have anything stuck between their toe pads.


Frequently Asked Questions


How short can you cut an Australian Shepherd’s hair?

You should not cut your Australian Shepherd’s fur at all, if possible. They have double coats, meaning they have a top coat and under coat, and shaving or cutting their fur can mess up the balance between the two.

How to get mats out of Australian Shepherd hair?

You can try to gently work a mat out of your Aussie’s fur by holding the base of the mat (between the knotted area and their bodies– to protect from the pain of pulling) and slowly working through the mat with fingers or a comb. If this doesn’t work or the mats are extreme, you may need to take them to a groomer for further assistance.

Do Aussies need winter coats?

Nope! Aussies have thick double coats which helps them endure very cold temperatures. As long as you don’t shave your Aussie’s fur they won’t need a winter coat to stay warm.

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