Mini Australian Shepherd Mix vs Purebred Dog

mini australian shepherd and australian shepherd

Mini Australian Shepherd mix puppies vs. purebred dogs are the hottest debate among dog lovers. Some pet parents prefer and are rigid to keep purebred dogs whereas some loves to keep mini Australian Shepherd because of their high level of intelligence and energy. As far as purebred dogs are concern, people also loves purebred dogs … Read more

Do Australian Shepherds Like The Cold?

If you’ve ever owned an Australian Shepherd, you know that they are a breed of dog that loves the outdoors. They’re active and energetic, and they love exploring new places. But when it comes to cold weather, do Australian Shepherds like the cold? The answer is yes! Australian Shepherds are actually quite well-suited for cold … Read more

Australian Shepherd Pregnancy (Signs, Stages, & Best Vet Tips)

Australian shepherd pregnant

Pregnancy in Australian Shepherd is an important time for the mothers and soon-to-be-born puppies. During this time your aussie may need more attention than usual. Your aussies immune system and other body functions may be stressed, so they may be susceptible to chronic disease and health problems. Sometimes dogs need the help of humans during … Read more

Are Australian Shepherds Smart? (Yes, Here’s What A Vet Says)

australian shepherd smart

Are Australian Shepherds Smart? Australian shepherds are one of the smartest dog breeds around. They are known for their intelligence, obedience, and agility. Australian shepherds are also very versatile dogs and can be used for a variety of purposes, including herding livestock, guarding property, and performing search and rescue operations. How Smart Are Australian Shepherds? … Read more

Australian Shepherd Genetic Diseases Info (+ Tips From A Vet)

Australian shepherd genetic diseases

As with any breed of dog, there are certain genetic diseases and disorders that can affect Australian Shepherds. Some of these conditions are minor and easily treated, while others can be more serious and even life-threatening. Choosing a reputable breeder is your best assurance of getting a healthy and happy puppy. Puppies from breeders can … Read more

Are Australian Shepherds Good Family Dogs? (4 Reasons Why)

australian shepherds good family dogs

Yes, Australian Shepherds are good family dogs. They are intelligent, active, and affectionate, and they make great companions for families with children. Australian Shepherds are also known for their loyalty and protective instincts, which make them excellent guard dogs. However, it is important to note that Australian Shepherds require a lot of exercise and stimulation, … Read more

Australian Shepherd Grooming: Everything Possible To Know

Australian shepherd grooming pictures

Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs, but their longer coats mean that proper grooming is essential. Despite the fact that Australian Shepherd owners should try to groom their pups regularly, you don’t need to be intimidated. The process is pretty easy and, all in all, Australian Shepherds are lower maintenance than some other dog breeds out … Read more