Australian Shepherd Shedding: (Truth From An Aussie Owner)

Australian shepherds are such beautiful dogs. Their coats are incredibly unique, and they have just the right amount of texture to make them look soft and cuddly. Will all that hair make an Australian Shepherd shed a lot? Check out this simple guide for what to expect from Aussie shedding.
How much exactly does an Australian Shepherd shed? Aussies are known to shed a moderate amount. They do have double coats, which require a grooming routine to keep normal shedding under control. You can help reduce shedding by establishing a good routine.


Australian Shepherd Coats

When you assess the dog fur on an Australian shepherd, you may notice that they are double coated. Those two coats work together to prepare your dog for the weather. They might change based on fall/winter or spring/summer. Their coats are designed to protect their bodies.
Since their fur is double coated, this is what leads to more shedding. When you compare them to other breeds, it’s quite possible they will shed more because they have that double coat.


Australian Shepherd Coat Types

We mentioned that there is a double coat for your Aussie. They have both a topcoat and an undercoat.
The topcoat is the long hair that we readily see on the dog. The topcoat is primarily for vanity or looks, although it also adds warmth and insulation for your pet.
The undercoat is their regulator. This coat helps to regulate their temperatures. In the winter, it will keep them warmer, and, in the summers, it will help keep them cooler. The undercoat is short, but it is also thick and might even feel a bit wiry to the touch.


Australian Shepherd Winter Coat Vs. Summer Coat

The undercoat sheds when the weather warms up. When this happens, the topcoat and the undercoat both shed so it may seem like you have more dog hair lying around than usual. This is called coat blow. While you won’t notice a drastic change in the appearance of the coat, you will notice the difference in their shedding. The hair will likely even look different. In the winter, the undercoat thickens to add some warmth.


Coat Colors

When it comes to describing the coat of the Aussie, you will find there really are not words. Their coats can have tons of colors and most Australian shepherds are tri-color dogs. This is not always the case, but it is common.
Their coats typically contain some combination of black, brown, and copper tones. They may also have patches of white on their coats. One popular coat pattern is called a Merle pattern. This is a unique blending of different shades of colors on their coat. So, a blue Merle Aussie will have shades of black and gray all mingled together.
Not all Australian shepherds are marbled or patterned like this. Some of them can be primarily a solid color instead.


How Often Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

If you’re looking for a specific timeframe for shedding, you really won’t find it for this dog. Therefore, Australian shepherd hair needs a great grooming routine for shedding control purposes.


Australian Shepherd Shedding Season

This breed is going to shed year around and they shed a moderate amount.
Some times of the year might seem heavier in shedding because of the double coat. The topcoat sheds all the time. This can be helped with shedding brushes. The undercoat primarily will shed out or go through the coat blow twice a year.
These times are when you will notice considerably more shedding overall. It happens in the spring and the fall. The extra shedding here is ultimately the undercoat adjusting for the seasons.


Why Do Aussies Shed?

Aussies typically shed because that is simply the natural cycle of their coats. However, you should be aware that there are things that might cause an increase to their normal shedding. You can potentially reduce shedding by being aware of these things and monitoring for them as well.



Aussies can get stressed out just like a human can. This breed tends to be an anxious breed and anything like changes in the home or stress in their owner’s lives can lead to them being anxious. You might see your pup pacing, acting afraid, or shedding more heavily when it’s not coat blow season. Support and encourage your dog heavily if you notice this.



The most common reason that an Australian Shepherd will shed is because of the weather or seasonal changes. Remember that they experience coat blow in Spring to prepare for the summer. They also experience coat blow in the fall as their coats prepare for the winter months ahead.
Seasonal changes will cause their coats to react so that their body temperatures are regulated.


Changes in Routine

Have you recently changed your work schedule? Maybe you’re home for summer break or you’ve brought a new pet into the home. Whatever the case may be, these small changes can cause some stress for your Aussie. They like routine so changes sometimes make them freak out a bit.
A change in your routine or your dog’s routine could lead to some extra shedding issues.



Humans often experience allergies from seasonal changes and sometimes even dogs. Your Aussie might have their own allergies to contend with.
These allergies might be related to the seasons, but they could also be caused by outdoor plants and trees, infestations from fleas or mites, or even sensitivity to foods.
When a dog experiences allergic reactions, this affects their skin and could cause extra shedding.



We try our best to make sure our pets don’t acquire things like fleas or mites. The truth is that they are still susceptible. Fleas, ticks, and mites will always be around outside. They are looking for a treat and your dog just might be dessert.
These various parasites could irritate your dog’s skin and coat and cause them to shed more dog fur in the process.


Diet Changes

Australian shepherds have been known to have sensitive skin. Some of them are more sensitive than others. Remember that your Aussie simply doesn’t adjust well to change. That includes food. If you change their diet, this could lead to some extra shedding. They might also experience an allergic reaction to food that causes skin allergies and shedding.
The most common allergens include some grains, peas, potatoes, and sometimes chicken.


Any Other Medical Conditions

While it is less common, Aussies could experience extraneous medical conditions that might lead to shedding. This will be dependent on your dog’s health. If you are concerned about a medical condition, you should work closely with a veterinarian to identify and treat. A medical condition could potentially cause extra shedding to occur.


How to Manage Your Aussies Shedding

do australian shepherd shed

The good news is that while you can expect Australian shepherd shed, you can practice some shedding control activities that will help. If you get a good grooming routine down and manage the coat health of your Aussie, you will likely see better shedding amounts overall.
Check out these ways to manage shedding.



Brushing your Aussie regularly is a must. The brush will help to pull loose fur away from your pup, so they shed less all over the house and your favorite black pants. You can brush your Aussie outside several times a week. In heavier shed times, you can use a pin brush and a regular brush to help reduce shedding inside.


Keep Them Outside

Your Aussie probably loves to be outside. Why not give them extra time outside so they can shed the hair out there? Leaving them outside might not always be feasible but if the weather is nice, you should give them more outdoor time. It’s a win-win.



Plan to bathe your Aussie on a regular basis. You shouldn’t over bathe them as this could be bad for their coat health. However, if you bathe them about once a month, this will help to control shedding and keep their coats healthy.


Dog Shampoo

A great shampoo might help some with shedding control. We recommend something natural because these tend to be the best for their skin. Most anti-shedding shampoos are not great for an Aussies skin and coat.


Use Air Filters

If dog fur causes allergies in your home, you may want to consider great air filters to help. Air filters are designed to filtrate impurities out of the air. While it’s not a perfect solution, it could help with dander and shed.



Giving your Aussie certain supplements might be helpful. These are vitamins for dogs and over time, they will help your dog maintain a healthy coat that might help manage shedding as well. The best supplements are from the Omegas family.



Choose a high-quality dog food for your Aussie. Look for foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Of course, any food with a lot of Omegas is great but you simply want something that is great quality and not a ton of fillers that provide no health benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Do Aussies Shed?

Aussies do shed a moderate amount. They shed enough for their coats. If you properly groom your Aussie, you’ll be able to limit their shedding.


Do Australian Shepherds Shed Too Much?

Aussies do shed but not as much as some other dog breeds. It’s just enough for their coats but for some pet owners it might be considered too much. If you are willing to be proactive with coat health, it will be far more manageable.


When Do Australian Shepherds Lose Their Puppy Coat?

The puppy coat is typically shed right around the time the puppy is 6 months old. This shedding process probably won’t be extremely noticeable, and they will continue to shed their whole lives.


Are Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic Dogs?

If you’re specifically looking for a hypoallergenic dog, the Australian shepherd is not one. You can control shedding to some degree, but they do shed heavily.


Why is My Aussie Shedding in Clumps?

The most likely reason for clumps is because they are experiencing coat blow. This happens in the spring and fall.


Which Kind of Brush Should I Use When My Aussie Sheds?

You can use a traditional brush for long hair most of the time. However, in times when the shedding is heavier, we recommend also using a pin brush to help get all the loose hair from the undercoat while brushing.


Do Australian Shepherds Have Hair or Fur?

The technical term for the coat of an Aussie is really hair, although if someone says fur, it is most likely referring to their hair.


How Bad Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

This breed sheds a moderate amount. They go through much heavier shedding seasons during the spring and fall as their coats change but they do shed all year moderately.



An Aussie does shed quite a bit. There are certain things that you can do to try to maintain their shedding and keep it under control. Use the tips and helpful details in this guide to better understand Australian shepherd shed and take the best care you can of your pet.

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