How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Cost?

You’re thinking that an Australian Shepherd as a potential new addition to your family. Great choice. They are one of the most loyal, affectionate, and energetic breeds. Now you’re probably wondering, how much will an Australian Shepherd cost to adopt?

On the low end, Australian Shepherds can cost as little as $300-600. On the high end Australian Shepherds are worth as much as $3,000 or more. Pricing for an Aussie will depend on the breeder, coat colors, pedigree, location, and whether you want a show quality dog or not. Luckily, Australian Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the United States, so you should have no trouble finding a quality breeder.

How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Cost When Buying Through a Breeder?

If you want to buy your Aussie through a breeder, you’ll want to make sure you buy through a trustworthy breeder. A good Australian Shepherd breeder will have done all the necessary health tests on their dogs, and they’ll be able to provide you with proof. When buying through a breeder, you may also get the chance to meet with your puppy’s parents and learn about their lineage. Australian Shepherd pregnancy is relatively normal but it’s good to know about the mother and ask plenty of questions.

When buying from a breeder, Australian Shepherds can cost anywhere from at least $600 for a quality companion, to $1800 and higher for a show quality dog. You can also expect to pay more if you’re looking for a specific coat color, like blue merle.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) provides a breeder referral service that can help you find a good Australian Shepherd breeder in your area. Prices for an Australian Shepherd through a breeder will vary depending on the location.

To find an Australian Shepherd near you, check out this list of breeders in the U.S. and Canada.

How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Cost Buying From a Pet Store?

You may choose to buy from a local pet store instead. This is a good option if breeders are too expensive or if breeders aren’t available near you. Australian Shepherds can be found in most pet stores, and they usually cost on the lower end around $300-600.

Buying from a pet store has its advantages and disadvantages. Pet stores can make an Aussie easily accessible to anyone interested in getting one. In some cases, Australian Shepherds from pet stores are well-socialized. This can make them easier to adjust to a new home.

However, Australian Shepherds from pet stores may not be as healthy as those bought from breeders because they may not have been health screened. Australian Shepherds from pet stores may also have been bred in puppy mills, meaning the parents were not healthy and/or the puppies were not well-socialized.

Buying from a pet store can be a good option but make sure to do your research and ask questions about the puppy’s health.

Australian Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

If you’re looking to adopt an Australian Shepherd, your best option is usually to go through a shelter or rescue organization. There are a number of Australian Shepherd rescues and shelters across the country. You can expect to pay an adoption fee of $100-$500 when adopting through a rescue or shelter. At a rescue, the adoption fee will go towards supporting the rescue and caring for future Australian Shepherds.

When adopting from a rescue or shelter, you’ll want to make sure you do your research on the organization. You’ll also want to meet with the Australian Shepherd and see if they’re a good fit for your family. Australian Shepherds in rescues and shelters are usually there because they were surrendered.

You may not get as much information about the dog’s background as you would if you bought from a breeder, but it’s still important to ask questions about the dog’s history.

If you’re interested in adopting an Australian Shepherd, check out this list of Australian Shepherd rescues across the country.

Other Costs For Owning An Australian Shepherd

Once you know how you want to buy your new Aussie, there’s still more costs to consider after the purchase. Especially if you’re buying a puppy, you can expect to spend more in the first year for extra costs.

Here’s an overview of the potential extra costs.


If you go through a trusted breeder, you may not need this step but deworming your dog is important. If you have to cover this cost it typically is about $25 or more.

Checkups and Vaccinations

As with any dog, especially with puppies, you’ll want to take them to the vet regularly. Australian Shepherds need to be vaccinated against common diseases, like rabies and distemper. The cost of a vet appointment will depend on your location and vet but typically fall in the $50-$100 range. Vaccinations can vary between $100-$500+ for all necessary vaccines. You also want to factor in any medicine costs or other supplies.

According to the AKC, you can expect to pay about $3,000 a year to own an Australian Shepherd, with the first year being higher. Since these numbers are just averages, you may experience some variation.

Spaying or Neutering

If you adopt your Australian Shepherd from a rescue or a shelter, they may come to you already spayed or neutered. If you buy a puppy or your dog is not spayed or neutered, you’ll have to cover the cost yourself if that’s something you want (it’s a good idea if you don’t plan to breed your dog). The typical cost for an Aussie is anywhere from $150-$500 depending on your vet or clinic.


An Aussie’s gotta eat. The type of food and how much you feed your dog (and if you have other dogs) will affect your food cost, but you can expect to pay at least $100 a month on pet food for your Aussie.


It’s your decision whether you chip your Aussie or not, but it can be a good idea if you plan on having them off leash or want to be extra prepared if they somehow get away.

Microchipping is almost like an internal collar with all important information about you and your Aussie put into the chips data. It’s not a guarantee that your pet will be returned to you if they are microchipped but its much more likely if they are. According to Petfinder, 52% of lost dogs that have microchips are returned back home after being lost. Dogs without microchipped only make it back to their homes 22% of the time.

Microchipping your dog is a one time cost and its usually about $50. Make sure to do it soon after bring your new Aussie home.

Toys, Leashes, and Treats

You’ll most likely want to get a leash and a collar for your Australian Shepherd, even if you decide to microchip them.

You’ll also want some toys for them to have so they can play with them. Like squeaky toys, rubber toys, plush toys, and hard-to-destroy toys.

It’s also a good idea to get your Aussie some treats, either training treats for training or regular treats to reward them for good behavior and being the cutest ever.

It’s hard to say exactly how much you’ll spend on all these but it may be a few hundred with some variation.


You may decide to get your dog trained by a specialist or a dog trainer instead of yourself. Training prices can be high but are worth it long term. Since there are a lot of options to train your dog, how much you pay will vary a lot. Some trainers cost per hour and some programs are paid for in full.

Conclusion: The Cost of an Australian Shepherd is Worth It

An Australian Shepherd can cost anywhere between $300 to $3,000 depending on where you buy one from. This is a standard price for other breeds as well, which is good to know if you’re comparing.

Purchasing an Aussie is only the beginning for you and your new pup. They’ll need more things to stay happy and healthy. Owning an Aussie is not cheap but not expensive either. Although it’s hard to put a price tag on love, companionship, and wonderful memories.

Overall, we think the cost of an Australian Shepherd is worth it.

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